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Ranking All 50 States on Getting Enough Sleep

Although sleep is vital to our wellbeing, as many as 35.1 percent of American adults fail to get at least seven hours of sleep each night—the minimum recommended sleep time for adults. Beyond feeling tired and less productive, a lack of sleep has more far-reaching implications—mostly to our health. Research shows that not getting enough rest each night is associated with numerous physical and mental health problems. A lack of sleep can also lead to accidents in the workplace, fatal crashes on the road, and poor performance at work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveyed American adults to find how many hours of sleep they get each day, on average.

These are the states where people are getting the most (and least) sleep. If you're from South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Idaho, or Montana, you're faring better than most people in America. But here are the bottom ten states, the states where people, on average, get the least amount of sleep: Hawaii (ranked dead last at 50th), Kentucky (49th), Maryland, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana, and New York.

Check out the list and see where the people in your state rank.

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