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Boston's Secret Street Art

If you're ever walking the streets of Boston and it starts to rain, look down—you might see something surprising. Boston's City Hall and the nonprofit group Mass Poetry are "slowly bringing secret art to the streets" through a combination of stencils, waterproof spray paint, and rainy days. Since the beginning of April, poems have been spray painted with waterproof paint on sidewalks throughout the city. When the sidewalk is dry, the words are invisible; but when the sidewalk is wet, a piece of art suddenly appears. The hope is to keep adding more poems until "everyone in the state will encounter a poem in their daily lives at least once or twice a month," says Mass Poetry's program director.

Possible Preaching Angle:

For many people, a rainy day isn't the ideal day—but what if you could be the person who sets up a tiny miracle for someone else?


Cara Giaimo, “Boston’s Sidewalks Are Covered In Secret Poems,” Atlas Obscura (5-19-16)

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