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God Made Us for Exploration and Adventure

An issue of Outside magazine had a short article about Reid Stowe, a 58 year-old sailor who at the time was en route to setting the record for the longest sea voyage without resupply in history. Reid told the magazine: "I've learned a lot about myself … I've learned that we as humans must explore. We must see and discover new things or we degenerate. My hope is that this voyage will inspire people to overcome their fears and follow their dreams to explore."

Blogger and pastor Justin Buzzard comments on Reid's adventurous spirit:

What Stowe the sailor says is directly linked to being created in the image and likeness of God, who put us in a to-be-explored-and-cultivated-universe. God declared this vast and varied creation, "very good." He gave us a world with trails and truth, neighbors and noodles, Bibles and beauty, oceans and orchestras, spreadsheets and spears, art and animals, language and lumber, the gospel and grapes, Yosemite and Yelp, Mars and marriage, goose down and God's glory. And the Creator gave us eyeballs, fingertips, nostrils, holes in our ears, bumps on our tongues, synapses in our brain, and curiosity in our hearts as tools to explore with. We must "see and discover new things or we degenerate." The motto for the outdoor company The North Face ought to be the Christian's motto: "Never Stop Exploring."

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