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Book Titles Reveal Our Time Obsession

We can't stop talking about time. It seeps its way into nearly every conversation. According to the editors of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, time is the most frequently used noun in the English language. The titles of self-help books mirror our obsession with time: One Year to a College Degree, Thirty Days to a Better Life, Seven Days to a Brand New Me, even Sixty-Minute Marriage Builder. Still not quick enough to address your crisis? How about One-Minute Father, Sixty-Second Stress Management, The One-Minute Healing Experience, One-Minute Therapist, or Sixty Seconds to Serenity?

More than one hundred titles in print use the word instant. You'll find everything from Instant Yiddish to Instant Emotional Healing. Running out of time? Read Instant Time Management. The Christian publishing world is not immune to the band of time. Among examples are Sixty Seconds with God, Daily Prayers Sixty Seconds Long, and Instant Sermons for Busy Pastors.

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