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Faking Happiness on Facebook Helps Depression

Holly Elmore wrote a fascinating article about how faking that she was happy on Facebook actually helped her overcome her depression. On Facebook during 2012-2014 it looked like she was having the time of her life. She got engaged, married, and enrolled in a PhD program. But inside she was battling depression. Holly says, "Sometimes what we post on social media is less about bragging and more about learning to see ourselves in a more positive light." She goes on to describe the way she uses Facebook: "I've found it helpful to behave on the outside the way I wish I felt on the inside … Depression devastates your self-esteem [and] negatively affects your memory in a number of ways, including making it difficult to recall happy memories … and positive memories about yourself." Holly concluded, "Looking through the highlights of my year, I realized that it wasn't my online image that had told a lie—it was my own depressed brain that had been lying to me about what my life was like."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Interesting. What kind of lies has your brain been telling you these days?


Holly Elmore, “Faking happiness on social media helped me cope with depression,” Quartz (3-15-16)

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