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A 'Master' of Disguise

A bank in Virginia recently dealt with a robber who did manage to make off with some cash—but who also experienced some issues with his disguise. The problem was his beard, which was "obviously fake" and "kept slipping off, making it slightly easier to see his face." The opening line of the Huffington Post's report reads, "Robbing a bank is hard enough without having to deal with a fake beard continuously falling off during the hold-up."

Possible Preaching Angle:

We could modify that sentence a bit to apply to those of us who aren't robbing banks: "Living life is hard enough without having to deal with the fake stuff we put on to try and make ourselves look better." Our attempts to portray our lives as something they're not? They're ultimately about as effective as trying to convince someone your fake beard is real. Thankfully, our God is a God who accepts even the messiest parts of us.


David Moye, “This Clumsy Bank Robber Can’t Keep His Fake Beard On His Face,” HuffPost (6-10-16)

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