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Daughter Receives Mom's Letters 23 Years After Death

For the longest time, Amanda Lemmond didn't have much of her mother to hold onto. She still has the stuffed animal bunny her mother gave her one Easter when she was a little girl. Lemmond said, "I wouldn't give her up for the world." Lemmond's mother, Barbara, died from bone cancer 23 years ago in Washington State.

"After my mom passed away, I was shipped around all over the country," Lemmond said. "From Washington State to Texas, to Louisiana, to Texas, back to Washington, back to Texas—in and out of foster care." Without her mother, Amanda Lemmond felt lost, until the right words found her. "They're messages of love and hope and inspiration," Lemmond said, holding a handwritten letter from her mother. "A little bit of advice—some boy advice," she added with a smile.

One Saturday, Lemmond received a package in the mail from the executor of her mother's estate. The executor, who lives in California, recently moved and came across boxes belonging to Lemmond's mother. Inside were letters, photos and mementoes from Lemmond's childhood—even her original birth certificate. "These are glimpses into my past that I've sorely longed for, for over two decades now," Lemmond said. "They showed up in the mail and kind of made my day." Lemmond never knew the letters existed. One was written just a month before Lemmond's mother passed away.

"Dear Amanda, you know I really miss you and not being able to get up with you every day," Lemmond said, reading the letter aloud. "Well honey, try to keep smiling and be brave." Lemmond said, "It's a connection to her that I never thought I'd have again."

Possible Preaching Angle: 1) Mother's Wisdom—A mother's influence and wisdom continue long after she has died. 2) Bible, Scripture; Identity—Jesus promised that his love, wisdom, and guidance would be preserved for us in his enduring Word. Through God's Word to us we find our true identity.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/38NITjuswCs

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