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Village Crowns Prettiest Goat at Annual Festival

The village of Ramygala, Lithuania, held its annual beauty contest recently with an atypical group of contestants—goats. News outlets report that about 500 people attended a parade in honor of the winner, a 16-month-old goat named "Little Spot." A total of six goats wearing varying arrangements of flowers were presented before a panel of judges before Little Spot was crowned the queen of the festivities. "The only thing we didn't do to prepare the goat for the pageant," related the goat's 74-year-old owner Ferdinandas Petkevicius, "is we didn't polish its nails."

While the village undoubtedly enjoys the tradition more than the actual "beauty" of the farm animal, the scenario calls to mind the image of Isaiah declaring that despite what we may think, "all our righteous acts are like filthy rags."

Possible Preaching Angle:

In other words, our finest efforts (our best "goats") will always fall short of what God deserves. And yet, he still calls us beautiful.


Andrius Sytas, “Lithuanian village crowns prettiest goat in annual pageant,” Yahoo News (6-26-16)

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