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Stats on Waiting—Where, Who, How Long?

One urban legend holds that we spend three years of our life waiting. It's a great stat, but likely untrue. But here are some real stats about waiting. New Yorkers lead the nation in wait time. According to a 25-city survey, New Yorkers spend an average of 6 minutes and 51 seconds waiting ...

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Study of How Long We'll Wait

When Timex (the watch company) asked people how long they would wait before taking action in a wide variety of situations, researchers discovered that we'll consent to wait only:

  • thirteen seconds before we honk at a car in front of us that's stopped at a green light;
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'Waiting Expert' Shares What Makes Waiting Difficult

In a New York Times article, journalist Alex Stone tells the story of how executives at a Houston airport faced and then solved a cascade of passenger complaints about long waits at ...

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