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Unsolved Mystery on Easter Island

Do mysteries ever just drive you crazy? It's even worse when they happen in real life. Recently, new developments have arisen in the swirl of conspiracies surrounding the mystery of Easter Island. Known for its iconic head statues, the remote island was traditionally thought to have been wracked by excessive land use and warfare among its islanders: catastrophic events that led to the society's demise. A recent archaeological study, however, shows that the glass blades found on the island would have made very bad weapons, and more theories are circulating about European disease and slavery contributing to Easter Island's downfall. For now, though, there still aren't many answers—and we'll have to try and be okay with it.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Are there any mysteries in your life where you wish you could find some answers? Are there any areas where you're finding it hard to trust God with the outcome?


Sarah Kaplan, “In shards of glass, a new sign of how the enigmatic Easter Islanders met their demise,” The Washington Post (2-17-16); Hannah Bloch, “War May Not Have Led To Easter Island's Ancient Collapse,” NPR (2-17-16)

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