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Famous Chef Accepts Christ, Finds True Joy

NPR (National Public Radio) reported on a new deli in rural Maine with a hotshot chef behind the counter. "Foodies" may recognize the chef's name—Matthew Secich, the chef for famous restaurants across the country, including The Oval Room in Washington, D.C. Secich shocked the foodie world when he became a Christian and moved his family and his kitchen off the grid. (Editor's Note: He also joined the local Amish community.)

As NPR reports,

His new spot, Charcuterie, is a converted cabin tucked away in a pine forest in Unity, Maine, population 2,000. You have to drive down a long, snowy track to get there, and you can smell the smokehouse before you can see it. … There are no Slim Jims here, but rather handmade meat sticks, fat as cigars, sitting in a jar by a hand-cranked register.

Even as a hotshot chef something was missing in Secich's life. According to the Portland (ME) Press-Herald:

[Secich's] perfectionist streak ruled his actions. "I burned people," he said. As in, held a line cook's hand to a hot fire for making a mistake at Charlie Trotter's restaurant in Chicago, where Secich was a chef from 2006 to 2008. "Four stars, that's all that matters." Then he grew disgusted.
"I went home one night and got on my knees and asked for forgiveness," he said. For his lack of compassion for others, his nights with restaurant friends and a fifth of Jim Beam with a side of Pabst Blue Ribbon, for that overactive ego. "I gave my life to the Lord, which I never would have imagined in the heyday of my chaos."

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