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Larry King Tries to Beat the Despair of Death

A lengthy interview with TV personality Larry King claimed that the now 81-year-old (as of 2015) King is "fixated on dying." The New York Times interviewer wrote:

Shawn King, his seventh wife, told me that Larry talks so much about his demise that he started to upset their teenage sons, and she had to tell him to knock it off. "He kept saying, 'Listen, I'm not going to be around much longer, boys,'" Shawn said. '"Whatever you do, don't let your mother put me in a home.''' Recently, Larry and Shawn met with some insurance and lawyer types to go over their family trust. They were talking about his will and who got what and the tax ramifications. "After about 20 minutes, I said, 'Wait a minute,'" Larry told me. "I won't be here when this happens. I won't exist. Everything in that conversation had nothing to do with me."

For the "emphatically nonreligious" King can't see how one's life story can end well if he winds up in the ground. Apparently King is still trying to avoid death. The article continues:

King takes four human growth hormone pills every day … [and he claims] he feels great. But in case of death, King … has arranged to have his body frozen and then thawed out when researchers discover a cure for whatever killed him—the so-called cryonics approach. King told me later that the people behind cryonics are ''all nuts,'' but at least if he knows he will be frozen he will die with a shred of hope. ''Other people have no hope,'' King said.

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