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News Outlet Encourages People to Be Evangelists—But Not for the Gospel

The holidays are times when families often find themselves sitting around a table with relatives and friends who don't always hold the same values or beliefs. Naturally, they may be tempted to avoid certain controversial topics or opinions in conversation altogether. But a recent article by The Huffington Post encouraged readers not to shy away from one particular topic, and strongly requested that they "consider making an attempt" at civilized debate. The subject: climate change.

Regardless of your stance on the issue, it's humbling for Christians who care about the Lordship of Christ to see how the author outlines a bold evangelistic strategy for how to convert people to a particular view on climate change. Its first recommendation: "Make it personal." The second: "Appeal to their humanity." The third: "Employ some cost-benefit analysis." To convince the "non-believers" in the climate change debate, the author urges readers to show how the path the world is on now not only costs people money, but pain, suffering, and ultimately human lives. The argument would then demonstrate that the costs of ignoring the issue outweigh the benefits, hopefully initiating a change of heart.

The article is titled "How To Talk To Your Climate Change-Denying Relatives This [Holiday Season] (Yes, You Can!)." The subtitle fits the tone of the article as well: "Constructive dialogue is more important today than perhaps ever before."

Potential Preaching Angles: Again, regardless of your opinion on climate change, this article highlights that Christians aren't the only ones trying to share the good news.

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