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Highly Trained but Incompetent Dogs

Have you ever poured time, money, and energy into a wild scheme, only to have it turn into just that: a wild scheme? That's what happened to the British government recently when they decided to invest in six airport sniffer dogs. Upon completing six months of working at England's Manchester Airport, the dogs hadn't found any of the items they were supposed to find—heroin or cocaine. One dog, however, did "persistently [turn] up a lot of cheeses and sausages." According to Atlas Obscura's report on the slightly incompetent sniffers, the government had spent almost $2 million on the dogs, "which were supposed to be highly trained to sniff out banned substances." Highly-trained sniffing police dogs that go after cheese rather than exposing dangerous drugs?


Erik Shilling, “Bad Sniffer Dogs at Airport Keep Finding Only Cheese and Sausages,” Atlas Obscura (4-14-16)

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