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Work: It's a Jungle Out There

An editorial in The New York Times argues that many of our parishioners labor in a "toxic work environment." Here's a lengthy quote from the article: "For many Americans, life has become all competition all the time. Workers across the socioeconomic spectrum, from hotel housekeepers to surgeons, have stories about toiling 12- to 16-hour days (often without overtime pay) and experiencing anxiety attacks and exhaustion.

Public health experts have begun talking about stress as an epidemic. The people who can compete and succeed in this culture are an ever-narrower slice of American society: largely young people who are healthy, and wealthy enough not to have to care for family members."

Possible Preaching Angle:

It might be tough to serve in the church, but it can also be brutal trying to live for God and support a family in the weekly work world. Pastors/Preachers, show your people some love!


Anne-Mardie Slaughter, “A Toxic Work World,” The New York Times (9-18-15)

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