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Jimmy Carter Feels 'At Ease' with Cancer Diagnosis

When Jimmy Carter was told that doctors had discovered cancer on his liver and brain, the former president did not react with fear, despair, or even disappointment. At age 90, he referred to the coming days as "a new adventure." "I have had a wonderful life," Carter said. "An exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence." He even stressed that his greatest accomplishment, in his mind, was not serving as president of the United States. It was marrying his wife of 69 years, Rosalynn.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Though the grip of cancer rarely loosens, the former president has remained hopeful—as all who have faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior can. We will all face death one day, and even the greatest of our accomplishments and achievements will fade away. But with Christ as our hope, what lies ahead will truly be an adventure.


Marina Koren, “Jimmy Carter on His Cancer Diagnosis,” The Atlantic (8-20-15)

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