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Booing the Fireworks Guy

In a pro baseball game, lighting up the stadium with fireworks after the home team hits a homerun is nothing new. But fireworks after the visiting team hits one? That doesn't usually happen. But it did this past week on a Tuesday night as the Kansas City Royals were visiting the Cleveland Indians. When Alex Rios, a player on the visiting team, hit a home run it launched some unintentional fireworks. A video made the rounds of the unidentified Fireworks Guy trying to hide his face in shame as the cameras zoomed in on his location. It was a perfect scenario to heap condemnation and public shame on the guy who, after all, had only one little job—hit the fireworks button when your team hits a homerun.

Surprisingly, the Cleveland Indians organization chose not to heap more shame on their inept employee. In a tweet they posted a clip from the movie Dumb and Dumber and quoted Jim Carey who said, "Pardon me Mr. Perfect! I guess I forgot you never make a mistake!"


Joey Morona, “Cleveland Indians fireworks guy booed after blunder during Royals game,” Cleveland.com (9-16-15)

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