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Builders Use 'Piles' In Manhattan Skyscrapers

The island of Manhattan consists almost entirely of bare granite, a very hard and strong type of rock. To carry the weight of a 75- or 100-story skyscraper, builders use foundation anchors called "piles." Piles are concrete or steel columns hammered into the ground until they penetrate solid rock.

For especially tall buildings, some piles are driven 25 stories below ground. The heavy weight of the skyscraper is then distributed through each of the piles. Together they support the structure's enormous weight. If foundation piles are drilled and driven in poorly, cracks will eventually appear in the structure. Entire buildings may lean. Then they must be torn down or lifted completely so the piles can be reset—a costly and time-consuming process.

In the same way, unless the structural supports were deeply drilled into the granite of our soul, the above-the-surface levels of your life and your leadership will remain vulnerable. We all need a deep foundation.

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