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Dustin Hoffman's Biggest Fear: Failure

Dustin Hoffman is 77, a double Oscar-winner, and a screen legend in no danger of having that title taken away. But he's worried about the future. In a recent (August 2015) interview, Hoffman talked about how he often worries about future failure in his career:

I would bet it's not just me. We worry about the next thing. There are these extraordinary tennis players, who get out there, and they admit that they're just shaking, to be able to get the next serve in. That's all of us. They say you're only as good as your last picture. Well, we only think we're as good as our last good piece of work.

Hoffman admitted one of his biggest fears: "It's that [I'm] never going to be hired again. And that's a constant fear. Is this it?"

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