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NASA Reveals Studies of Astronaut Bloopers

The Internet is full of videos of clumsy people doing clumsy things. Some are in high school, others are grown adults, but have you ever seen a video of a clumsy astronaut? NASA has. Reports show that experts studied hours of lunar footage from the 1970s in an effort to learn more about the effects of moon gravity on humans. Now if the thought of NASA engineers sitting around watching astronauts bounce and twirl around on the moon doesn't provide enough humor, hearing the engineers' astute observations might: "A preliminary analysis," one report reads, "suggested that loss of traction on loose soil caused crewmen to slip and fall."

Possible Preaching Angle:

One might wonder if that's how God sometimes feels as he watches us continually stumble and fall: it may be hard to watch, but it's the only way we'll ever learn how to stand in this strange world.


Adrienne LaFrance, “Moon Bloopers, a NASA Study,” The Atlantic (9-22-15)

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