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IKEA Furniture—Just Don't Do It!

"If you have assembled a piece of Ikea furniture with a partner, then you have probably argued with a partner about assembling a piece of Ikea furniture." Every step in the process of buying a piece of Ikea furniture leads to the ultimate argument of putting it together. The instructions are usually the biggest stressor because "Ikea's deceptively simple assembly manuals give users the (often incorrect) impression that the project can be accomplished without much time or effort." Yet, when we can't accomplish what the cartoon figure can "our expectations are dashed, and our egos take a hit." As Quartz so aptly describes, "The showroom made you feel inadequate, you're subconsciously battling your partner for power, and you're embarrassed that it's taken the better part of a Saturday for two educated adults to build a chest of drawers."

But how do you keep this from being a battle? Well the psychologists offer three great tips: assign responsibility (communication and feedback are key), take a break (step away from a charged situation), and just don't do it (As Scott Stanley, psychology professor at the University of Denver says, "There are some couples who have a fabulous life together who just recognize they should not be building things from Ikea together.").

Possible Preaching Angle:

Sometimes when it comes to conflict in a marriage or a church, here's the best advice: just don't do it—or at least try to avoid these nasty argument triggers.


Corinne Purtill, “The psychology behind why couples always fight when assembling Ikea furniture,” Quartz (9-18-15)

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