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New Study Measures Value of Creation

BBC Earth worked with a British environmental specialist to commission a never-before-seen survey they call the "Earth Index." It seeks to measure "the financial value of nature." For example, here are the estimated monetary value for aspects of God's creation:

  • Freshwater valued at $73.48 trillion
  • Trees valued at $16.2 trillion
  • Coral valued at $9.9 trillion
  • Wild sea fish valued at $224 billion
  • Plankton valued at $222 billion
  • Bees and other pollinators valued at $170 billion
  • Vultures valued at $2.6 billion
  • One beaver valued at $120,000

A spokesman for BBC Earth commented: "When you see the figures in black and white it's illuminating to see that the annual revenues of the world's most successful companies, Apple; General Motors; Nestlé; Bank of China all pale in comparison to the financial return from natural assets to our economy." Another specialist concluded, "What this unequivocally shows is the major contribution that nature makes to our health, wealth, and security."

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