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Millennials Top Social Concern: Inequality

According to a survey highlighted by USA Today, Millennials around the world are most concerned one issue: social and economic equality. More than 1,000 young leaders, ages 20 to 30, from 125 countries were canvassed for the survey. The survey showed that 65 percent of the Millennials said one of their top three goals in selecting a job was to make a difference in society, their city, or country. Asked about the top three issues facing the world today, 56 percent named social and economic inequality, 42 percent included climate change and environmental preservation, and 33 percent identified education.

Half said their national government was neither fair nor honest. And 46 percent had the same view about the media, while 35 percent said they distrusted religious leaders. The most admired figure among the Millennials was the late Nelson Mandela, followed by Pope Francis.

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