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More Than a Book Club

A book club started in a prison by volunteers is still helping men recently released from becoming repeat offenders. Many of the men who joined "Free Minds" have stayed involved in each other's lives since leaving prison. One reporter writes, "The support system that strengthened them then is the one they are counting on to help them now that they're out.

The unlikely community has become an unlikely lifeline, as they try to defy the patterns that send ex-offenders back to jail." The men lead creative writing workshops and try to help each other find jobs and reconnect with society.

Possible Preaching Angle:

This story is a tangible reminder that when we serve those who society has given up on, there will be fruit.


Robert Samuels, “How a book club is helping to keep ex-offenders from going back to jail,” The Washington Post (2-25-15)

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