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Lent, The Great Rebellion

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, Catholic writer Arthur C. Brooks notes the power that he has found in the difficult practices of Lent that bring life to modern persons. He particularly describes the ancient Christian practices of self-denial, fasting, and various forms of abstinence as rebellions against a broader culture.

Bold rebellions that channel the modern desire for individuality into a powerful corporate motion that in many ways, carves a niche for each of us, sets us truly free by becoming creatures able to say no to ourselves. Brooks sums Lent up: "In a postmodern era, where death is taboo, pain is pointless, and sin is a cultural anachronism, what could be more rebellious? ... So to all the nonconformists in business, politics, and art: more power to you. But that's child's play. To say, 'I am dust, and to dust I shall return'—now that's rebellion for grown-ups."


Arthur C. Brooks, “Lent: It’s Not Just for Catholics,” The New York Times (3-12-15)

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