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An Awe-Inspired Life

Remember those times when you have gazed at a wonderful painting, hear beautiful music, or see the beautiful colors of a sunset? You know that feeling, that sense of awe. Well, The Wall Street Journal recently wrote of the importance that awe has on our lives. Studies report, "The actual feeling of awe, and experiences that inspire it, benefit us in all sorts of ways, from stronger health to improved relationships."

These "awe experiences" make us more generous, humble, empathetic, trusting, and even help us battle depression. As Elizabeth Bernstein writes, "Awe is an emotional response to something vast, and it challenges and expands our way of seeing the world." The researchers conclude, "Awe minimizes our individual identity and attunes us to things bigger than ourselves."

Possible Preaching Angle:

When was the last time you were in awe of our God?


Elizabeth Bernstein, “Researchers Study Awe and Find It Is Good for Relationships,” The Wall Street Journal (2-23-15)

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