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Nick Nolte Reflects on His Own Funeral

In a recent (2015) interview in GQ magazine, actor Nick Nolte shares that growing older has been a painful experience. When asked "When was the last time you cried?" Nolte said:

Today. I cry every day. … I cry when I try to get out of bed, because I'm in my 70s and my body hurts like hell. Once my joints are moving, I'm all right, but those are my first tears in the morning, wondering if the pain is going to get worse or get better …
At my age, a lot of your friends start dying, and that'll always bring on a good cry. Last summer, it was [screenwriter and director] Paul Mazursky. He had internal organ failure. … His wake was classic. I saw faces I hadn't seen in years. Mel Brooks. Richard Dreyfuss, who I hadn't seen since we filmed Down and Out in Beverly Hills. It was a great wake, but then you can't help but think about your own funeral and what that might be like.

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