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If God Had a Facebook Page

What if God were on Facebook? What would his page look like? And what if he approached his profile the way most us do?

The Deity
Relationship status: Triune and serenely blissful
Number of friends: I only know
Unfriended: List currently blocked
Photos: None available (see second commandment)
Timeline: From the beginning—Created the world, didn't I?
What's on your mind?: What isn't?
Recent posts: My book is still the all-time bestseller and the bestseller every year. Now have billions of worshipers. What ever happened to Zeus? Taking the day off. Thank me it's Friday!

Thank God that when he became visible, the face we saw was Jesus, who humbled himself and served others. Thank God that we are called to seek his face and not his Facebook.

Possible Preaching Angles: God doesn't need a Facebook page because he has already revealed himself in Scripture and in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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