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The 'Pastor' of the Chilean Miners

The book Deep Down Dark, by Hector Tobar, tells the story of the 33 Chilean miners buried 2000 feet underground for over three months back in 2010. They were trapped in a large space, including a room they called The Refuge. They had no idea if anyone would come for them. On August 5th, a Christian man named Don Jose Henriquez, turned to a fellow miner named Mario and whispered, "God is the only way out of this." Before the miners Mario announced, "Don José, we know you are a Christian man, and we need you to lead us in prayer. Will you?"

Hector Tabor explains what happened next:

From that moment forward Henríquez became known as "the Pastor" to his fellow miners because as soon as he opens his mouth and begins to talk it's clear that he knows how to speak of God and to God … Henríquez drops to his knees and tells the men they should also do so, because when you pray you have to humble yourself before your Creator. "We aren't the best men, but Lord, have pity on us," Henríquez begins. It's a simple statement, but it strikes several of the men hard. "No somos los mejores hombres." We aren't the best men. Víctor Segovia knows he drinks too much. Víctor Zamora is too quick to anger. Pedro Cortez thinks about the poor father he's been to his young daughter: He left the girl's mother, and he hasn't even done the basic fatherly thing of visiting his little girl, even though he knows his absence is inflicting a lasting hurt on her.
"Jesus Christ, our Lord, let us enter the sacred throne of your grace," Henríquez continues. "Consider this moment of difficulty of ours. We are sinners and we need you." Just about everyone who was at the entrance to the Refuge or inside is on his knees … Henríquez is a man of God, and suddenly here, in this tomb, the religious severity that many of them found annoying during the everyday encounters of the A shift is exactly what they need. "We want you to make us stronger and help us in this hour of need," Henríquez says. "There's nothing we can humanly do without your help. We need you to take charge of this situation. Please, Lord. Take charge of this."

Possible Preaching Angles: When people are in trouble—when they've "reached the end of their hoarded resources"—we can offer to pray for them and with them. God will listen and help, because God wants people to know his love through Christ. That ought to make us very glad to be his people.

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