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Don't You Text in My House

Broadway star Patti Lupone, recently came down into the audience to grab a phone away from someone who was texting. Instead of shaking a few hands and exiting stage left, Lupone took the phone because the woman in the front was "steadily texting throughout the first act." Lupone said afterwards, "I'm defeated by this. It's not changing, it's only getting worse, and it's not worth it anymore. I'm heartbroken. If something isn't done, I will think twice before I get back on a stage again."

You have to hand it to her for taking a stand. Lupone continued her texting lesson: "It's not theater etiquette, its human etiquette. We're living in an isolated society, the phone controls our every move, and we've lost sight of our neighbor, the people surrounding us. And it's a microcosm when you're in the theater."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Not a bad critique of poor etiquette and our societal disconnection from one another.


Ashley Lee, “Broadway Star Patti LuPone Seizes Phone From Texting Audience Member, Threatens to Quit Theater,” Hollywood Reporter (7-9-15)

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