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Coloring Books for Grown Ups

People are becoming busier every day. Running from one task to the next and extreme multi-tasking are ramping up our anxiety and stress. Recent research has revealed a child-like stress reducer—coloring books. Yes, it is no longer seen as childish for adults to use coloring books. "These coloring books can act as a reset button for adults who are moving too quickly from one responsibility to the next, or trying to do them all at once. You're giving your brain some space and something to focus on that's meditative, that's containing." They are becoming so popular that coloring books for adults even cracked into the Top 20 books on Amazon.

Possible Preaching Angle:

So, the next time you see you child sit down to color, feel free to sit down next to them. Or whenever you feel stressed make sure a coloring book is close by. Jesus said to become like children. He may not have meant go buy a coloring book. But maybe there's something about trust, joy, and simplicity that we can learn from this new practice to de-stress our lives.


Sonali Kohnli, “Coloring books are suddenly catching on with adults,” Quartz (7-29-15)

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