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Arnold Is Back and He's (Sort of) Biblical

We love catching celebrities spouting almost biblical-sounding wisdom. This week The Wall Street Journal interviewed Arnold and reported that Schwarzenegger is officially back. The interview asked Arnold, "Your first movie 'Hercules in New York' was bad, but it was a great showcase for your charisma, right?" Schwarzenegger's answer focused on how his weaknesses have been turned into strengths. He said, "The very things that they said at the beginning would make it impossible for me to be successful in acting were the things that became my assets. Number one, your name cannot be pronounced and therefore you will have to change your name. Number two, they said your accent would never work. Number three, it was very clear your body's way too big. Those are three things that all became big assets. Never listen to the naysayers. Now I have the most imitated accent. It's a trademark."


Don Steinberg, “Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About His Future and the Terminator,” The Wall Street Journal (6-24-15)

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