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Which Solution for Drought? Try a Witch

While California finds itself in the middle of a severe draught, farmers are using any method possible to secure water, even "witches." Water witches are so called because of their alleged ability to find water springs buried in the earth without the use of technology. "Water witches have been a fixture in California agriculture for about as long as people here can remember. Everyone knows of someone who's used one or a person who had 'the gift' or at least thought they did. Even John Steinbeck immortalized the role of the dowser in his seminal novel East of Eden, set in California's Salinas Valley." While many scientists object to the idea that these "dowsers" have any kind of actual talent or gift, the tradition continues. When people get desperate for help they will turn to anything, even a man walking around an orchard with a stick, for help.


Staff, “Amid epic drought, California farmers turn to water witches,” Yahoo News (7-20-15)

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