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Selfie Mania at a Baseball Game

Editor's Note: Here are two illustrations with basically the same theme. Use one or both of them.

This is the age of the selfie. People love to see themselves and promote their image for the world to see. There was even a national selfie portrait gallery on display in October of 2013 at London's Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair. The selfie is the modern-day version of the self-portrait, except now you don't have to be a legitimate artist to create one, just a narcissist with a smartphone.

This "look at me" mania was put on display at the 2013 College World Series when two young ladies rushed out on the field to take a selfie, later posting a video of themselves being tackled by security and earning Internet fame in the process. I guess it never occurred to the young ladies that the thousands of people who dropped good money to watch skilled athletes compete for a national championship were not actually there to see them. Something significant was taking place on that field, but in their minds the field was their stage and this was their time.

We can be like a batboy at the World Series who thinks the crowd is there to watch him retrieve bats and misses the fact that the great game is bigger than him and his part in it. No baseball almanac keeps stats on batboys. Batboys are not the point of baseball, and we are not the point of life.

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