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'The Ring Finders'

A marital spat, a ring impulsively flung from a finger, a hands-and-knees search for that diamond wedding band out in the tall grass. Such moments of regret and kick-yourself loss are the territory of a unique band of treasure hunters calling themselves "the Ring Finders." Equipped with metal detectors, and experts at using them, they volunteer their services to help reunite people with their lost jewelry—a problem that's more common than you think it is.

Possible Preaching Angle:

The search for lost treasure—financial or sentimental—is a powerful image of our searches for lost love, lost truth, or the gospel. Jesus himself compared the search for the kingdom of heaven to that of a treasure buried, a pearl found, and a coin lost. Are you the kind of person, like those Ring Finders, skilled and willing to help others in the search for what is most precious?

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