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Stats on What We Like/Dislike about Christmas

A 2013 Pew Research poll asked people what they like or dislike the most about the Christmas holiday season. Here's a list of what people most look forward to at Christmas time:

  1. 68 percent said spending time with family and friends
  2. 11 percent mentioned religious services or religious reflection
  3. 11 percent look forward to the Christmas "spirit" of joy and good will
  4. 5 percent said music, decorations, and shopping
  5. 4 percent look forward to the end of the Christmas season

Here's what the poll said we most dislike about the Christmas season:

  1. 33 percent—the commercialism and materialism
  2. 22 percent—the money and expense
  3. 10 percent—the shopping and crowds
  4. 5 percent—the hectic pace and bad moods of people
  5. 2 percent—the pressure to go to church

Note: For the purpose of this illustration, some of the categories in the original survey have been renamed and combined into one category.

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