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114-Year-old Woman Still Curious

Anna Stoehr is 114 years old, but for one day she got to be 99. Why? Because in order for her to create a Facebook account she couldn't be older than 99. Let's put this into perspective. She has seen the birth of plane travel, the beginning of mass production of automobiles, not to mention all the shifts in technology. She even has an iPad her son Harlan, 85, gave her. Her son says about her, "She's been curious about everything all her life and continues to be curious about it." Even at the age of 114 she was still curious about Facebook. She even has 32 new Facebook friends.

Possible Preaching Angle:

What a great picture of someone still living her life and searching for new things—even at the age of 114. As Christians, it's easy to get worn down by the tedium of life. But 114-year-old Anna Stoer shows us how to approach our walk with Christ—open, adventurous, and teachable.

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