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$40,000 Found in Couch … And Returned

The Little Rebellion broke a story about three college students who bought a $20 couch from a second-hand shop. To their amazement they found envelopes of money stuffed inside the couch—to the tune of $40,000. Reese Werkhoven, one of the students said, "The most money I'd ever found in a couch was like fifty cents." And who needs money more than college students?

But Lara Russo, another student, found an envelope that had a woman's name on it. Lara said, "We had a lot of moral discussions about the money. We all agreed that we had to bring the money back to whoever it belonged to—it's their money—we didn't earn it." So the students did some digging and found the woman's contact information. Reese then called the woman and the three students piled in the car with the money.

After arriving in a creaky old house in a rough neighborhood, they were greeted by a friendly 91-year-old woman, her daughter, and granddaughter. For years, at her late-husbands request, the woman had been squirreling away the money in her couch until she had to dump it at the Salvation Army. She rewarded the honest college students with a $1,000 "thank you."

Possible Preaching Angle:

What would you have done? Keep in mind that the college students were not only honest. They were diligent about doing the right thing.

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