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Comic on Internet Medical Searches Shows Importance of Good Diagnosis

In the age of the internet, most of us diagnose our minor illnesses and injuries with a trip to Google rather than a trip to the doctor. But as this hilarious comic from "The Joy of Tech" observes, a quick web search can make even the healthiest person a hypochondriac.

A skinned knee turns to "gangrene, complicated by necrophagous bacteria." That pimple becomes "cornu cutaneum horn growing on keratin mound," and before long, you're convinced that you're dying.

You can see the cartoon here

Possible Preaching Angle:

It's funny, but it also points to the power of good diagnosis—not understanding the cause of what you're suffering from is really a problem. For many of us, what's needed is clarity not just on what we're experiencing in our lives, but why. And if you want to know that, don't go to Google. Go to the great Physician, the cure of souls.

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