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An Apology Letter to the Local Church

Katelyn Beaty wrote a creative, semi-humorous, but deeply moving piece titled, "An Open Apology to the Local Church." Beaty's letter isn't a letter to defend the church.

Beaty writes: ‘I'm writing to apologize. While claiming publicly to have loved you as Christ does—like a spouse—in spirit I have loved you like an on-again, off-again fling. My faithful attendance suggests a radical commitment to gathering with your people. But many Sundays, my heart is still in it for me. By now you have likely received word of a popular blogger confessing his boredom with your recent Protestant iterations. And while I think the blogger is ultimately misguided about his relationship (or lack thereof) with you, I can appreciate his honesty. At least he's not leading you on. Here's where I need to confess my true feelings about you, Church: The romance of our earlier days has faded. The longer I have known you, the more I weary of your quirks and trying character traits…. While we're at it, let me make one more confession: I resent how much you want to go out these days.’

Editor’s Note: Read the whole thing. It's a wonderful, quotable illustration about the church.

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