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Farmer Captures Bull with Vodka-soaked Grain

For six months, a German farmer near Regensburg tried in vain to capture his runaway bull. The bull had escaped during the summer and hid out in the Bavarian woods. He attempted to lasso the animal, but the bull would always flee into the woods. The farmer tried shooting the beast with a tranquilizer, but the darts proved ineffective.

But where the farmer failed, neighbor Werner Dechant succeeded. Dechant saw the black bull eating grain out of a bucket on his property and tried and failed to snare the cautious beast. But Dechant had an idea for when the animal returned. The next day, Dechant mixed more grain with a bottle of vodka. The day after, he soaked the grain in two more bottles of the spirit. Once liquored up, the escaped bull was easy to capture. According to one news report, "The bull has now been returned to his owner—and will not be allowed out again."

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Alcohol; Addiction; Drunkenness; (2) Sin; Spiritual Bondage—the "vodka" in this story could be anything form of sin or spiritual bondage or temptation that lures us into giving up our freedom in Christ.

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