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Nine-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Little Sister

Alyssa Meza, a 9-year-old from Chicago has won the unofficial title of "Best Older Sister." When her mother suddenly went into labor, Alyssa was ready to plug in and serve with the new birth. Alyssa told a news station, "[My mom] said she felt the baby coming out, and I told her to push the baby out and I'll catch the baby. She got scared, and I caught the baby, grabbed the towel and wrapped her around." Alyssa also unraveled the umbilical cord wrapped around her sister's neck, an important step she said she learned about after watching a medical TV show. She added, "I had to unwrap it a little, and I ran next door to grab my neighbor because the baby was a little purple." Alyssa's mom and her new sister returned home on New Year's Day.

Possible Preaching Angle:

It just goes to show that as Christ-followers we all need to be ready to lead, to serve, and to help with new births.

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