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Atheist Church Schism Shows that Unity's Not Just Hard for Christians

"Is disbelief enough to keep a Sunday gathering together?" That's the question facing "worshippers" at The Sunday Assembly, London's atheist "church" (described as "part quixotic hipster start-up, part Southern megachurch") that's been spreading to other major cities around the world, with an in-depth franchising process almost denominational in scope.

But it hasn't been all a smooth humanist dream. Recently, their New York faction, concerned that the group's tone and content wasn't atheist enough, decided to split from the rest of the assembly. Issues of contention included practical and "theological" differences.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Christians get a bad rap—deservedly so—for our factions and disunity. But every so often, we need a reminder that faith isn't the culprit here. In fact, lack of faith might be just as big a problem.

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