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Mailman Hoards 2,500 Pounds of Mail

Everyone knows that a letter carrier has one job—deliver the mail. Apparently a Brooklyn mailman spent a decade avoiding his job by intentionally hoarding over 40,000 pieces of mail over a ten-year period. In September 2014, Joseph Brucato admitted hiding over a ton of mail (2,500 pounds to be exact) meant for customers in Flatbush since 2005, according to a Brooklyn federal court complaint.

A postal supervisor became suspicious that Brucato was up to something weird when he noticed his personal car was stuffed with undelivered letters. Investigators pressed Brucato about the letter cache, and he admitted hoarding priority, first-class, and regular mail that had once been headed for Brooklyn businesses and residents in Flatbush. It took five postal agents five hours to remove the massive stash of purloined letters from his apartment. If convicted, Brucato faces up to five years in prison.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Evangelism; Outreach—There's something far more absurd and outrageous than hoarding mail: hoarding the Good News of Christ. (2) Money; Generosity—There's something far more outrageous or absurd than hoarding the mail: hoarding our money. Our resources don't belong to us.

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