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Not Knowing Who He was Slapping, Chicago Man Attacks Local Judge

While aggression and racist remarks are vicious and foolish at the best of times, a Chicago man recently learned that some people are particularly unwise to pick on. Angry that a 79-year-old woman was smoking near him, David Nicosia started an argument with her, before allegedly slapping the woman in the face and spitting at her, calling her "Rosa Parks" (intended as a derogatory reference to her skin color).

But unbeknownst to Nicosia, the victim of his rage was Judge Arnette Hubbard, a longtime community icon in Chicago who has "long been a voice on civil rights and women's issues." Deputies came to Hubbard's defense, and now Nicosia is looking at four charges of aggravated battery and a hate crime, besides the unenviable prospect of having to explain his actions to another judge—likely one of Hubbard's co-workers.

Possible Preaching Angle:

There is another Judge who is the victim of many of our crimes. While he was among us in the flesh, we even slapped and spit upon him. But consider the supreme folly of our sins committed against God and his Son—the victim of so many of our crimes is also our Judge. Consider this, but praise God—that same victim has become an advocate on our behalf, guilty and foolish though we may be.

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