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The Most Persecuted People on the Planet

Most people in the West would be surprised by the answer to the question: who are the most persecuted people in the world? A British paper reported that persecuted Christians around the globe have a surprising ally—the former chief rabbi of the U.K., Jonathan Sacks. Rabbi Sacks recently said that the suffering of Middle East Christians is "one of the crimes against humanity of our time." He compared it with Jewish pogroms in Europe and said he was "appalled at the lack of protest it has evoked."

Also, "according to the International Society for Human Rights, a secular group with members in 38 states worldwide, 80 per cent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed at Christians … In Burma, Chin and Karen Christians are routinely subjected to imprisonment, torture, forced labor and murder. Persecution is increasing in China; and in North Korea a quarter of the country's Christians live in forced labor camps after refusing to join the national cult of the state's founder, Kim Il-Sung. Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Maldives all feature in the 10 worst places to be a Christian." The article concludes with a heartrending quote from Fouad Twal, the Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem who asks, "Does anybody hear our cry? How many atrocities must we endure before somebody, somewhere, comes to our aid?"

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