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Desire … and "Diamond Shreddies"

Processed food giant Kraft Foods came to marketers Ogilvy & Mather with an interesting request—to reintroduce their "Shreddies" cereal as a brand leader … but without any news about the cereal to promote, or any change to the product of any kind. In fact, people liked the cereal just fine the way that it was. It was successful, just not successful enough to please the Cereal Overlords.

Ogilvy & Mather decided to simply rotate the "square" cereal bits 45 degrees in photographs, and rename the exact same product "Diamond Shreddies." The campaign was massively successful. One expert says: "This … shows that by simply changing one Visual Element of your product to look more Triangular than Square, even an age-old established brand like Post's Shreddies Cereal can see immediate and sustainable growth of 18% in just one month. By more closely matching their target market's Visual Desires, Kraft Foods received an immediate boost in sales, resulting in millions upon millions in immediate, additional, and ongoing profits."

You can watch the video here

Possible Preaching Angle:

Ah, just target those "Visual Desires" and we're all hooked. It's a familiar story (and as old as the Garden): we'll fall for any trick if it matches our "Visual Desires."

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