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Daughter Uses Dad's Credit Card; Adopts His Identity

A number of you in the room are old enough to remember when you did not pay for gas at the pump. Remember when you had to actually take your wallet out of your pocket, pull out real dollar bills, and go into the gas station and pay for your gas? Of course nobody does that anymore. You just pay at the pump. Actually, I discovered I don't have to go to the gas station at all. I can send my daughter. At today's gas prices when she goes to pay, she can't pay for it. So what does she take? By taking my credit card, in one sense she has taken my identity. She takes my riches (such as they are) and they are hers. What is mine is put into her account. The credit is hers not because she earned it. The credit is hers because what is mine has been given to her in that moment for that purpose.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Identity in Christ; (2) Easter; Christ, resurrection of—Bryan Chapell used this as an illustration for his Easter sermon and then he added, "Because I am united to the death of Christ and united to the life [or resurrection] of Christ, his identity has become mine and now I/you/we are profoundly loved."

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