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Film 42 Shows Jackie Robinson's Christlike Strength

In the movie 42, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) is a Major League team executive with a bold idea. Rickey recruits Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman), an African-American baseball player playing in the Negro League, to break the unspoken color line and become the first modern African American Major League player. As both anticipate, this becomes a major challenge for Robinson and his family as they endure unrelenting racism on and off the field, from player and fan alike. As Jackie struggles against his nature to deal with the abuse, he finds an ally in Ricky, who is also a Christian.

On their first meeting, Robinson asks Rickey, "You want a player that doesn't have the guts to fight back?"

"No. No." replies Rickey. "I want a player who has the guts not to fight back. People aren't going to like this. They're going to do anything to get you to react. Follow a curse with a curse and they'll hear only yours. Follow a blow with a blow and they'll say the Negro lost his temper; that the Negro does not belong. Your enemy will be out in force and you cannot meet him on his own low ground. We win with hitting, running, fielding—only that. We win only if the world is convinced of two things: That you are a fine gentleman, and a great ball player. Like our Savior, you're got to have the guts to turn the other cheek. Can you do it?"

Robinson replies, "You give me a uniform; you give me a number on my back; and I'll give you the guts."

Elapsed Time: Chapter 2; Scene beings at 0:11:11; Scene ends at 0:12:52. NOTE: Just a few seconds prior to this scene there is profanity.

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