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Three Zoo Animals Live in Unity

As cubs, three of the world's top predators—a lion (Leo), a Bengal tiger (Shere Kahn), and an American black bear (Baloo)—had been owned by a drug dealer who didn't take proper care of them. The bear's harness grew into his skin because the owner didn't alter it as the animal grew. The animals had been abused and neglected early in life but were finally rescued in 2001. The bear's harness was surgically removed, and all three have recovered 100 percent. They were taken in by Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia.

The staff initially tried to separate them, thinking the three large predators would fight, but they acted out all the more. During separation, the animals were uncooperative. But once they were reunited, they calmed down and behaved well. Twelve years later, the three friends spend their days together playing ball, cuddling, chasing each other, and eating cookies. Allison Hedgecoth of Noah's Ark said, "They live together and they don't see their differences. They don't see their color differences."

Possible Preaching Angle: Despite our cultural, ethnic, or social differences, Christians belong to the same family. One day, we'll live together in perfect unity while retaining our God-given differences.

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